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  1. Frances
    May 11, 2016 @ 1:52 pm

    My old girlfriend Vicki used to have trouble with those automatic doors not opening for her. Her vibration was too ‘fast’ to register with the sensor mechanism. Energy workers, meditators, healers and the like have similar symptoms. I knew one healer who had to stop wearing watches as she was always ‘blowing them out’. At the moment, we have strange aches and pains mostly during the day which are alleviated at night. Leading us to blame it on the sun’s effects and possibly magnetism changes in the earth. Earth’s magnetism is getting weaker and protecting us less from ‘energies from space’. Some people are helped by grounding devices which connect the ‘body electric’ to the earth. Being surrounded by electrical pollution (cell towers, microwaves, power lines, and on and on) does not help, either. Our car used to ‘put-put’ on a certain street in Omaha which just happened to have the TV broadcast towers there. We’d say a little prayer to keep her going to get past it OK without a stoppage. I think it was the alternator acting up in resonance to the towers at that location.


    • charking1946
      May 12, 2016 @ 10:20 pm

      Actually I believe you are correct it is the alternator. It was determined to be the alternator when we thought the battery was dead in my car before 3 of the explosive eruptions at Mt St Helens in 1980. I replaced the battery two times before I realized it was not the battery at fault. So I began to look at other electrical parts and the alternator is what jumped out at me. Interestingly so, it is the alternator what fails that causes the small planes like the Ces sna and Beechcraft to lose power just after taking off or just prior to landing. There was one instance here where we had two small planes crash in one day fortunately no one was killed. I was able to speak with the pilot of one plane and he had just flown through the same air space that the first pilot had flown through and lost power right in the center of the Willamette River here in Salem. I learned from geology studies that river beds are many times old fault lines, so something was making/causing that fault to emit something and the planes were caught in it so they lost engine power. I recall asking the State Aeronautic Engineer who did not believe in this stuff if he had ever been in a small plane and lost power he said yes, I said what did you do and he said ” switched over to the other alternator ” so I said .. I rest my case. Watches and other electrical things are a challenge to be sure. Lately turning on a light switch is a challenge. I can see why they say if you use gas and suspect a leak do not turn on the lights.. I would blow up the entire house by just turning on the light switch. Thanks so much for sharing.


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