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Blog Guidelines

First, no name calling or negative remarks will be tolerated. Period.  This is a blog to help, learn and connect with others who are also experiencing symptoms or making observations before seismic, volcanic or solar activity. Please be respectful of others and together we can share our experiences, and knowledge and in time, hopefully no one will ever be surprised by a quake again. 

This blog is a collaboration of my experiences and observations and how they pertain to worldwide Earthquakes, Volcanic events and Solar activity. Teaching others that they too may learn as I did to connect the symptoms they are feeling to the locations I have identified over the last 35 plus years. Not all will experience all the symptoms and some may feel a symptom I do not experience or in the opposite side of their body and that is ok.  Some call it psychic, some say its prophecy and some say its crazy, but I prefer to call it by the name that was coined by the doctors and scientists in the late 1970’s,

“ The Charlotte King Effect “

Although I personally may and in many cases do believe in dreams, visions, numerology and planetary alignments this blog is not about any of these forms of prediction. This blog is only about physical symptoms, sounds, and unusual observations in behavior changes in animals, birds and insects. My focus is on the physical, or biological reactions experienced by what I call “ Biological Sensitive’s” these are persons who are sensitive to Earth Changes be it Earthquake, Volcanic or Solar activity.

That said, I will only accept submissions from persons who are experiencing physical symptoms. I may personally believe in many forms of precognitive awareness, but this is not the blog for those submissions.

If you are a sensitive, potential sensitive or a observer,  your comments, feedback and or observations are most welcome.

All submissions which are off the topic of Biological Sensitivity or reactions to earthquakes, volcanoes or solar activity or personal observations will be removed.  If you have physical symptoms to report, as they relate to earthquakes, volcanoes and solar activity or if you want to report some observation as it pertains to animals, birds, insects or you hear about a beaching etc, your submission will be most welcome.









The information on this blog and within these pages is the sole property of Charlotte King and may not be copied in any form of media and may not be reposted on any social media site without the express written permission of Charlotte King. The only exception is the actual blog which has buttons to share on social media.
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