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This is a photo of the original ” Project Migraine Team ” from R to L  Chris, Project Coordinator, Co Author and Co Investigator, Center me, Principal,Co Author, Co Investigator and L is Mike, Project Publicist. This was taken on board a boat moored in Sacramento, CA. Earthquake One named after the January 26th 1980 Livermore CA 5.8 quake.


I realize that most people do not include an Acknowledgement Page in a blog, but I  can’t launch this blog without thanking some very special people in my life who helped make it possible by their testing and believing in my theories and or by their years of friendship.

First and foremost I need to say thank you to Dr. Christopher H. Dodge, a Biologist. Chris believed in me and together the 3 of us, Chris, Mike and I, sitting in a kitchen in Sacramento, launched ” Project Migraine”  This was a project to prospectively predict earthquakes and or volcanic eruptions prospective of their happening.  Chris was instrumental in arranging for much of my testing with the US Government.  I worked with him on the project from March 1981 till his death in the late 1990’s.  He opened a lot of doors that would have been closed to me.  I really miss his laugh and his council. I am the only person from the original Project Migraine team  who is still active in earthquake research.

To my family who believed in me and gave me courage when mine was lacking.

I want to thank my husband who has been supporting me no matter what was happening related to quakes, volcanoes or solar activity for over 30 years. He urged me to stand up and fight for what I know to be true.

Especially I want to acknowledge my mom and dad  who would be so happy that I am launching this blog. Dad was with me from the beginning to share my thoughts and theories, mom helped me to believe in myself and was always there to cheer me on and smile through the pain and tears when I was ready to give up.
I also want to thank my kids who put up with a lot during those early days before St Helens major eruption with mom being sick much of the time before we realized it was the mountain making me so ill your love kept me going.

I will also list several others who have helped me more than they may know who started 0ut as strangers and became friends. There are far too many persons to thank here, so I am limiting this to persons who have influenced my work, cheered me on and gave me their support since the beginning of what was later coined ” The Charlotte King Effect “.

Alfred L. Webre:  He and I connected by telephone in 1987 and he asked me to speak on VOA * Voice Of America * for the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17th.  I did and I can’t say what others may or may not have noticed but that day of ” global meditation ” did change my life in ways I had not dreamed. Thank you for your faith in my words. Your donation funded my first one page flyer which through the years grew into my first 15 page pamphlet and has now evolved into a full 36 pages and is and will always be a ” Work in progress “.

Helen H: She has been there for me since the beginning I can never repay your kindness.

Devon B: Another sensitive I met through Project Migraine and has become a close friend.

Penny O: A sensitive who I made contact with after the Northridge CA quake who keeps me on my toes, who shared a stage with me on a national televised program.  Thank you for all you have done and for your friendship.

Lauri M:  A friend who has on occasion sent out an update for me when I was either not close to a computer or was too ill to do it myself.  Your friendship is treasured.

Charlie P: Who confirmed that I was picking up things that I should not be picking up.* deceased

Dave, NL He has answered my many questions and told me the truth even if I did not like the answer.

John K: He listened and accepted my information and believed in me.

Michael B: A reporter, award winning broadcaster, and former State of California OES Warning Center employee who opened doors for me in Sacramento, CA earthquake connections and media like Chris opened them for me in testing and research. Mike was the original publicist for Project Migraine when we launched in Sacramento CA.

Sten L: He was the first scientist who showed a true interest in what I was doing and became a friend

Susan B: She has spent many hours on the phone with me before the Landers quake confirming my prediction for that quake time, magnitude and location. She was one of the first who urged me to continue my work in this field.

Karen C:  She placed calls for me relaying messages to Caltech and the media of impending quakes in both Landers and Northridge CA. You made a difference.

Last but not least…

Linda C: Caltech staff person who took my forecasts seriously and passed the information on to others thank you for all you did for me and thank you for your friendship.

Researchers, Scientist, Doctors and Friends

Dr. Melvin Kriethen who did ground breaking research on pigeons and their ability to detect any ground motion as sound. He was the one person other than the media I called before the major eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980.* deceased.

Dr. Frank Grey: With the Chronic Pain Clinic in AZ  he explained how the cranial sinuses could modulate the EMF radiation I was feeling and transfer it into sound that I might be hearing. * deceased.

Dr. Michael Powell:  Of The Institute of Applied Physiology and Medicine, Hyperbaric Decompression Chamber Research, Seattle, WA  he was one of the first who confirmed my hearing was above the threshold or normal hearing in lower frequencies.

Robin ” Buzz ” Towne:  Towne and Associates did some hearing and acoustical testing with me in Seattle, he was interested in infrasound and what I was hearing after the major eruption of St Helens.  *deceased.

Dr. Neville Pimstone:  UC Davis Med Center, Sacramento, CA.  The ER doctor,  gastroenterologist who accepted my explanation as to the cause of my pain and treated me with dignity and understanding. Stating he had seen the same kinds of biological pain in Sweden caused by the winds.

Sacramento State University Department of Engineering:   Anechoic Chamber testing a very unique room devoid of echoes used to test emergency sirens etc.  A room within a room within a room suspended on parachute type cables.

Therm-o-gram Research Labs:  Modesto CA. Testing with special camera to trace the pain as it moved through my body.

Sierras Dowsers:  lectures and testing 1978 and 1981

Dr. Frank Yatsu:  World renowned Neurologist. Chief of Neurology, University of Texas, Huston.  He told me ” Charlotte stay away from active volcanoes and strong magnetic fields. You will either become a permanent basket case, or it will kill you ” * deceased

Dr. John T. Zimmerman Ph.D and Dr. Martin L. Reite M.D.   Department of Psychiatry University of Colorado School of Medicine. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

J.E. Zimmerman Co inventor of the Radio Frequency Superconducting Quantum Interference Device   SQUID  Machine who allowed me to use this most fantastic machine to do testing for Project Migraine.   A special thank you to the US Bureau of Standards Magnetic Testing Labs who allowed me to undergo tests in their facility in Boulder CO. * deceased

 Dr’s. Stone and Jenson, Professors Oregon State University Department of Engineering, Corvallis OR.* deceased who showed up at my door to take measurements and help me to prove that there was indeed some kind of electrical magnetic field I was hearing.

Rick Tell, USEPA  Las Vegas, NV who confirmed that I hearing sound below 100 hertz and most likely below 10 hertz.   Later testing with engineers showed my hearing down to 2-7 hertz.

Tim Haitt,  USGS  Earthquake Engineering, Golden, Colorado. Tim and I met at Cascade Volcano Observatory on the day of one of the explosive eruptions of St. Helens.  He saw first hand what happens to me and how I was picking it up even before the equipment. * deceased.

Harvey Latham:  Former Director of Oregon State Office of Emergency Services, Salem OR  1980-82  he believed my feelings and predictions and passed them on to others putting me in touch with FEMA personnel in Washington state. *deceased

The staff and US Forest Service Personnel at the Cascade Volcano Center, Vancouver WA,  prior to and during the major eruption of St Helens 1980-82

The staff and reporters at KATU Channel 2 Portland Oregon, both past and present who have been there for me since the beginning. I especially want to thank Doug Crombie, Tom Brown, Sandy Poole and Steve Dunn.

To KCRA Sacramento who made me almost a weekly feature on their news programs.
I especially want to thank  assignment editor Jim Drennan, reporter Bill Harvey* deceased and PM Magazines’ Bob Austin for taking what I do as seriously as I do. There was someone from the station calling me weekly and sometimes almost daily to document my symptoms and the quakes that followed and I was always treated with respect.

And finally to my own personal cheering squad

Lynette, Roxanne,  Rosemary, Connie and Margaret as well as all my other subscribers who follow and respect my work and are always there to cheer me on when I am hurting and share information and observations with me.

Dr. Margaret McCarron: It is with sadness that I mark the passing of Dr. Margaret McCarron on January 18, 2018. Margaret also a research scientist and I began the journey of our friendship in about 2005 till her passing. Margaret was also a herbalist and helped me in finding the correct herbs and natural products to help combat the symptoms of ” The Charlotte King Effect ”

Adele Tinning:  Mission Valley CA,  who I want to especially acknowledge she was always there for me, sharing information and who I could call in the wee hours of the morning and she would share my fear and pain. She funded my original pamphlet as well as helped with funding my travel expenses for testing in the early years of “Project Migraine”.  A sensitive who started out as a stranger and became one of my best and closest friends.  She said ” Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen ”  she was right. * deceased





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