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Effects in Nature

Clouds: I have long noticed that the clouds change shape before moderate to large quakes. They become wispy and or go up like smoke and curl at the edge, they often resemble feathers and other curling or wavy shapes. In the book ” When The Snakes Awake” by Helmut Tributsch he had a chapter called ” Earthquake Fogs ”  Aristotle referred to them as clouds or fogs very light and appearing early in the morning or at dusk this was back in 324-322 BC.  I spoke to a meteorologist and asked him what he thought about my ” Earthquake Clouds ” and he said ” Well clouds are 90% water so that gives them a polarity, and if your theory is correct that the EMF change before quakes then it makes sense they would respond to these EMF changes”

Clouds Blog
This is what my Earthquake Clouds look like 12-24 hours before a large quake


Insects:  The ones I am most familiar with is the ants. Ants will come into your home, you will find them in all the locations that ants are supposed to be seen, kitchens, cupboards, near and into pet food and anywhere where might eat… I also during the pre quake times have found them in the bathroom and they even come up out of my laptop keyboard. They will gather in groups, often climb the walls or even sit on the ceiling.  Then if you don’t kill them, all the sudden the ants will be gone as if they were never there.  When this happens, the time before a quake strikes is usually between 12-72 hours plus or minus 12 hours but most often its only 12-24 hours.

IMG_2607 ANTS 4-2-2014 2
This is a ant invasion that occurs 12-72 hours before a large quake often there are 10 times this many ants.  They disappear 12-24 hours before the quake.


Earthworms: Though not a insect, another of the creatures you will find respond before an earthquake is “ earthworms” they will come up out of the ground and lay in the open, chancing being eaten by a bird or drying out and dying. They have been seen actually standing on top of one another to get off the ground, they climb steps and curbs and lay on sidewalks and driveways. The photos show a worm coming out of the grass and then laying at the right side base of the step, and finally on his tail trying to climb a concrete step, this was the morning of the Japan 9.0 quake there were at least 2 dozen worms that made it to the top of the 5 steps and were laying on the landing entrance to the building.

Birds:   Birds in captivity will often not roost before a quake. This is especially true of chickens …. Many song birds seem to lose the ability to fly before some volcanic eruptions and or large quakes.  The most sensitive bird to be monitored is the pigeon which bases its flight on the EMF,. they can’t fly before most larger quakes, they are seen walking in areas where they do not frequent and research has found that they interept any ground motion as sound. Since they have a highly sensitive auditory system, they can’t fly, becoming confused etc.  They are also seen roosting on power lines in large numbers of over 100 birds at one time, before some quakes and volcanic eruptions it has been shown that many of these wires, parallel fault lines.  This is a photo I found online which depicts similar actions of pigeons sitting on the wires before each of the explosive eruptions of Mt St Helens 1980.

Pigeon x2
Hundreds of pigeons sat on the wires at the same location before each of the explosive eruptions of Mt St Helens in 1980-81


Fish  Whales Dolphins and other Sea Mammals:  Pet fish, especially cat fish will swim erratically before some quakes and if their aquarium has a lid, they will literally jump up out of the water and hit the lid. Then we have the whales which often beach before large quakes, there can be several kinds of whales that are affected, actually I believe that they all are but the ones who seem to beach most often are the Pilot Whales and Sperm Whales. Dolphins also beach before major quakes, especially Bottlenose Dolphins. Many of these beaching’s involve hundreds of these mammals.


Cats:   Many cats are sensitive to quake precursors. Climbing up to get off the ground, hiding in cupboards or under beds, and roof sitting is also common. Cats which are sensitive also often get sick before quakes in Oregon, and Simi/Yucca Valley and Big Bear California and Japan if the quake is over 6.0  Like humans, the location of the cats has no bearing on them getting sick.  These are my rescue cats both are sensitive. Sabrina reacts most to very large quakes far away and Misty reacts to smaller events in Oregon, CA and Japan 6.0+ events.


Dogs:  Dogs will run around often barking, and or pacing they will also want in and out repeatedly some will bark wildly and some will sit in a corner and tremble.  Sometimes they will actually grab their owner by the arm and pull them outside.

Horses:  Horses will run and act erratic in the field. They will also paw at the ground repeatedly and are often very verbal.

Pigs:  Pigs will root at fences and refuse to eat before larger quakes.

Wild Animal SightingsOften we hear or read about sightings around towns of wild animals, perhaps they are in search of food or water but I personally believe they are reacting to quake or volcanic precursor’s which causes them to leave the safety of their home and wander into areas where they are not usually seen.

Bears:  Bears react to the EMF that changes before quakes and volcanic eruptions.. scientist believe it is the heart that makes the bears roam out of their normal haunts and or leave their dens during hibernation.

Large Cats:   Large cats in the wild will often come into other areas away from their normal hunting grounds, as the precursors make them very nervous and agitated.

Elephants: Elephants are very sensitive to precursor to quakes and volcanic eruptions they will often go very wild or rogue and tear down their shelters or other areas.

Other Species:  There are other animals, insects, fish or fowl which also react but the list is too long to list all of them.  I will list a few based on media reports and those of actual observations by myself or others.  Coyotes, frogs, bees and spiders, snakes, rodents,  all seem to react to the precursors which I and many others believe exist and or experience before quakes, volcanic events and solar activity.

If you are interested in quakes and how their precursors affect other species besides humans, you can get what I still feel is the best book  I have read,  that documents the reactions of animals, insects etc. Get the 1985 book by Dr. Helmut Tributsch  “ When The Snakes Awake “  Although out of print, if you search you can find it in garage sales and used book stores.  Far and above the best book I have found to date on Animals and Earthquake Prediction.  I was fortunate to be able to speak with Dr. Tributsch on the phone and we discussed many of his remarks in the book.  He laughing said ” Where were you when I was writing my book? ”


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