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This is my personal list of terms I wrote to help explain certain symptoms and the effects they have on the human body as well as some of the across the counter products that I have found help myself and others who react to the earthquakes, volcanoes and solar activity.

Biological Earthquake Prediction©:  The ability to know by various physical symptoms what is happening with quakes, volcanoes and solar activity.

The Sound:  I hear what I describe as a constant ” FOG HORN “ sound.  There are actually 14 different combinations of long tones, short tones, dual tones, wavy tones and a horn honking tone.. each of these are connected with specific geographical locations.

The Chile Connection©:  This is a term I coined to explain the connection to Chile earthquakes and the physical reactions some people experience.  I have shown with over 95% accuracy that instantaneous anger, road rage, over reaction to events, domestic violence, suicides, * especially on or near rail road crossings and tracks * shootings, murders, and often the timing of terrorist attacks are tied into precursors for Chile earthquakes.  These quakes seem to have a even stronger affect on persons who are bi polar and or manic depressive.  Many reports I have received from caregivers and  professionals, all confirm that many times the patients need their meds adjusted and until they read about the Chile Connection, they had no idea why.  Actually it can involve Chile, Bolivia and or Argentina and their borders. But Chile is far the most common instigator.  Note: Mass shootings are often tied into quakes in Chile and the difference is if its pre planned, meaning they have the day set etc, then its not Chile, but if its all the sudden, without any warning or planning, that is “The Chile Connection” ©

The Domino Islands©:  This is a term I coined some years ago to identify a group of islands which seem to connect to one another not only by symptom and location but also by the fact that many times, if one of the islands has a 6.0 or greater earthquake, then several of the other islands will respond with quakes, one after the other like Dominos falling down. The Domino Islands causes pain in the R ribs, from just under the arm to just below the waist.
The Islands are:  Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Marianas, Admiralty, Marshal, Caroline, Santa Cruz, Solomon’s, and Vanuatu.

Supplements and Helpful Hints:  These are across the counter supplements and hints I have learned over the last 35+ years that can help you in the event you are experiencing major stomach pains. These pains are most often related to volcanic activity in some of the Cascades and AK volcanoes,  the CA/NV Sierras, Big Bear and the Landers Quake Zone in CA and the Wasatch/New Madrid quakes as well as NEPAL …. the best help I have found is Peppermint Tea, be sure to make it as hot and as sweet as you can stand it.. if you are diabetic, diet sugar will work but not quite as fast.. you can also use honey etc.. but real cane sugar is the best. you can take the tea alone or if you have been sick for a few hours you might want to also eat some soda crackers.

Solar flu©:  A term I coined many years ago to explain the reactions that some sensitive’s have to solar activity.  The Instantaneous onset of pain in the area of the sternum reaching through to the back, making it hard to breathe and a feeling of a tight band wrapped around your chest. This mimics a gall bladder attack as well as a heart attack..   I have found that taking 2 Lecithin Capsules or 4 Lecithin Dry Powder Capsules and follow it with 2 antacids like Tums® or GasX®, that pain will generally subside within less than 30 minutes but you have to take the supplements at the very start of the attack.  Long after I began using these supplements I found that doctors often prescribe Lecithin for gall bladder colic.  Be aware this pain is severe and I personally have ended up in Emergency Rooms on more than a few occasions.  BE SURE YOU ARE MECIALLY OK BEFORE ASSUMING YOU ARE JUST FEELING THE EARTH ETC. ALWAYS SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR ANY PAIN EXPERIENCED FOR PROLONGED DURATION AND CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING THESE SUPPLEMENTS IF YOU ARE ON DIFFERNET MEDICATIONS AND OR HAVE OTHER HEALTH ISSUES.

Seismic flu©: A term I coined many years ago to explain the symptoms I was experiencing before seismic and volcanic activity.  Instantaneous onset of stomach or intestinal flu symptoms that come and go within 12-24 hours without a fever. Again, MANY OF THE SYMPTOMS THAT SENSITIVES EXPERINCE ARE VERY CLOSE TO SYMPTOMS YOU MIGHT EXPERIENCE WITH A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, GET MEDICAL ADVICE IF YOUR PAIN AND OR SYMPTOMS ARE SEVERE.

Vertigo, disorientation and or Dizziness:  This is one that is hard to put into a category. Its often connected with larger quakes off shore, volcanic events, and CHILE.  For myself and others who are also sensitive to these events I have found that what stops the symptoms best is generic Meclizine®.  Also known as a motion sickness pill  with a brand name called BONINE™.  THIS ONE IS VERY DANGEROUS IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR COULD GET PREGNANT. IT CAN CAUSE MAJOR DAMAGE TO THE FETUS.  BE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING THIS MEDICINE IF YOU ARE ON OTHER MEDICATIONS OR HAVE DIFFERENT MEDICAL ISSUES.

The Popcorn Connection ©:  I have found since the Loma Prieta Quake in California in October 1989, that people who are sensitive crave POPCORN before major events as well as some smaller ones. The reason I am not certain but corn has Choline in it and the B vitamins in Choline is good for clear thinking so perhaps our body tells us, I can’t think clearly today I need corn.  So we reach for the Popcorn.  It can be corn in any form from corn chips, to nachos, to corn on the cob and corn bread.. anything to get the B Vitamin Choline into our systems.

Over time I have found that many persons who are sensitive also experience the same physical issues. One is MVP or Mitral Valve Prolapse… a basically harmless issue with the heart’s mitral valve.  This reacts to various quake locations which affect the heart.

Gall bladder problems: many sensitive’s seem to experience what seems to be gall bladder colic and several have had their gall bladders removed, only to discover that it was not the gall bladder that was causing the problems,  but likely the tissue that supports the gall bladder.. this area seems to respond mostly to solar activity.

When I first became ill in 1979 I was very sick before St. Helens awoke I was put on Inderal® a beta blocker that was good for both the MVP ‘ mitral valve prolapse ‘ and my migraine headaches.  The one draw back for me was, is that it also lowers the blood pressure and I already have low blood pressure.

Before I realized it was the Sierras in CA that were causing my major attacks of stomach pains I was also prescribed Bentyl® and it did help.   I am telling you this because I have been contacted by other sensitive’s telling me that their doctors did not know what to give them for similar symptoms. Perhaps this will help some of you.  Its a prescription and there are side effects but I found them to be minimal.

Sadness: There is one symptom you will see or hear about from time to time when I am making writing a earthquake update or adding a update to my blog.  It is sadness. Out of the blue and sometimes severe enough to cause uncontrollable weeping.   These quakes or events always involve 12+ deaths. * if you want a more detailed explanation I will be happy to share it with you.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and I am not prescribing these supplements to you.  I am simply sharing what I and many others have found works best for physical symptoms we experience before quakes, volcanic activity and or solar flares.  Its up to you to be aware of your own health issues and seek medical attention if the pain is severe and or it lasts more than a few hours in severe form.  You may be sensitive, but you also may be experiencing a life threatening event. You could be right but could also be dead right.  Any  suggestions you choose to try is your sole responsibility.
These terms and symptoms were coined and created by Charlotte King.

© May 6, 2016


The information on this blog and within these pages is the sole property of Charlotte King and may not be copied in any form of media and may not be reposted on any social media site without the express written permission of Charlotte King.
Copyright ©  May 6, 2016