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Quakes~ volcanoes~Tsunamis ~Solar


CSEM EMSC  * My Personal Favorite *

Caltech  California Only:

Global Incident Maps/Quakes:

PNSN  Pacific Northwest Seismic Network:

UUSS  University of Utah * Wasatch / Yellowstone quakes *

Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism:

USGS Volcano Hazards Program:

CERI  New Madrid quakes*

Solar Ham * The latest in solar activity or warnings *

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center:

Space Weather:

National Tsunami Warning Center:

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center:

 Charlotte King Interviews on Youtube:

“In Search Of”  Dangerous Volcanoes #2″   With Leonard Nimoy

I am on the film from 7:32-8:57

“KATU ABC Channel 2”  Portland Oregon with Steve Dunn :  The Chile 2010 8.8 Prediction.