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I have had requests over the years of my research from persons who want to know if I have  a Paypal Account for donations.
So I have finally opened a Paypal Account.

I have rec’d donations from time to time and in the form of personal checks, money orders and even cash.  I appreciate them  more than you know.  My updates are free and I do not require donations but if you want to donate this should make it easier for you but I am happy to accept whatever method you choose to donate.

My Paypal  Account is

Since I am new to this, I was told there are no fees for either the sender * you * or receiver *me * as long as its a donation.  You can donate from bank account and or credit card even your Paypal account etc  If you do not use these methods, there is a 2.9% surcharge.  If you are using this you probably know much more about this than I do.
Thank you.

All donations gratefully accepted..  I was asked by several subscribers to include my address here

Charlotte King    503-999-5745

4791 WB Post Drive NE, Salem, OR  97305