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Contact Charlotte

I am available by email, text and  or cell phone 24 hours a day.
Although I am in the Pacific Time Zone I am available anytime.

If you are sick, and know its Biological, feel free to call… if you have questions, or feedback.  I gladly take calls from 5 AM to midnight PDT after midnight you can call and if I am available I will gladly take your call, if I don’t answer please leave me a voice mail and I will call you back as soon as I receive your message.   But on the other hand, if you experience a quake or a major symptom, call me 24 hours.  Don’t be afraid of waking me, remember if you are up and or sick, then I am up as well.  I am not much on texting but will respond to short messages 1 finger at a time.  I check my email hourly or more often so I am almost always  available by email.  Be advised I am unable to return calls except to the United States and its territories, like the Virgin Islands etc.

My email updates are always Free and I will send you several questions which will help me to know more about you along with the latest update and you can decide if you want to receive the updates just reply and type the word  ” Subscribe ” in the Subject Line.
I gratefully accept donations, but they are never required or asked for.
I have received questions from time to time if I have PayPal account for donations, I will be setting up a special account in the coming week if the information is not on this page when I launch this blog.   I also accept personal checks and money orders.

This will also allow you to purchase my pamphlet which has grown from 1 two sided page to over 15 two sided pages, which explains to you all the symptoms, locations and observations and some anecdotal information included.  Hopefully in the near future this information will be available by DVD…at this time I only have the paper updates available at $20.00 each including postage. If international add additional $2.00 for shipping charges. They will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your payment. Please if you pay by check, make sure you make a notation  “donation” at the bottom of the check if you prefer this is my paypal information.

My Paypal  Account is

Since I am new to this, I was told there are no fees for either the sender * you * or receiver *me * as long as its a donation.  You can donate from bank account and or credit card even your Paypal account etc  If you do not use these methods, there is a 2.9% surcharge.  If you are using this you probably know much more about this than I do.
Thank you.


My contact information:  Charlotte King

~ 4791 WB Post Drive NE  Salem, OR  97305 ~ cell  503-999-5745



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