Mt Saint Helen’s 43 Years Later

Sitting here today, its been a long time since St Helen’s erupted.  43 years to be exact.
To say it changed my life would be an understatement.  It changed many peoples lives

Sadly for 57 people, their lives were ended that fateful Sunday morning back in 1980. No life is any less valuable than another but there is one man who needs to be mentioned here. That’s the USGS geologist David A Johnston.  Perhaps he was just having his morning coffee, when he looked out at the mountain and those who monitored this communication heard his last words. “ This Is It “  He was covering for another worker who needed the day off. In his honor they have named the ridge where he was standing as Johnston Ridge and there is also the David Johnston Observatory for David A Johnston  that’s open daily to watch educational videos it has a gift shop and rocks and memorabilia from St Helen’s, and you will learn as much as they know about this most destructive eruption, in he history of the United States.

The only other person I know only by name and his appearance on several news clips was the crusty old man of the mountain as they called him. Harry Truman. I remember grade school children wrote him letters, begging him to come down from the mountain. Harry was a former veteran of WWI a businessman, a prospector and even a bootlegger for a time. He bought some land at Spirit Lake and ran Spirit Lake Lodge for 52 years. I recall back then they wanted him to leave but he refused. His wife was buried on the mountain and he was not going to leave her he said ‘ if the mountain goes, let her take me too “ he got his wish. The mountain blew and Harry Truman’s life ended that day he joined his  wife who was also buried on the mountain.   Harry became a overnight folk hero..

I also had celebrity foisted on me by all the sudden out of no where having the ability to hear sounds that no one else was hearing and then after the beaching of the Sperm Whales in June 1979 a series of painful symptoms also became part of my daily routine and several moderate quakes were felt in Big Bear CA. it began to dawn on me, the sound would tell me that something was coming, the pains told me where.  Headaches began in 1980 and they have never stopped. I began to call KATU in Portland OR and share with them what I was feeling and whatever it was, happened. So when migraines, earaches and heart pains started in late 1979 I was a bit scared. But trips to specialist in both medical fields assured me that there was nothing wrong with my heart or my ears.  So why the pains?  Well 3 days later there was a series of quakes in Italy and all the pain stopped.

Wow, So then I was listening to a news man who had a radio show called “ Paul Harvey “ he had a kind of hook to keep you tuned in. He would come back with some unusual fact or additional information and end the news cast with “ And now you have the rest of the story” So I was listening to Paul Harvey and he was talking about the quakes in Italy. He mentioned that there were many who had reported chest pains before these quakes and 3 had died of heart attacks but 2 were before the quake.
He also mentioned that numerous persons had been complaining to their doctors for days before the quake they had earaches… so then I understood. Each location has its own symptoms.  I was not the only one to experience them which was even better as it allowed for independent confirmation.

So in January 1980 the headaches turned into migraines.  I was on a beta blocker for the pain. 
I was having problems doing even the normal tasks of a wife and mother.  Then on the 16th of March 1980 St Helen’s a volcano in Southern Washington had been showing signs of unrest and I was waiting for the release experienced its first volcanic tremors, because it had been 3 then 4 days. Nothing the pain continued. Then on March 20th the first quake was recorded at Mt. St. Helen’s.

Since I had been very open with KATU, in Portland the story was picked up by UPI, AP and others.  My “ gift “ was discussed on the news, in the papers, magazines and I was even asked to be on various television shows. .

I rec’d a call about the 25th of March from a newspaper reporter in San Francisco named Ivan Sharpe who worked for the San Francisco Examiner.  He was coming to Salem and wanted to interview me. So we made arrangements to meet at my house we drove to a park in West Salem not far from my house, where we sat at a picnic table, it was a lovely if not a cool pre spring day.  We were sitting at the table and he was talking to me, asking questions etc.  He was taking photos and suggested I grab my head with both hands above my ears.  Sadly I did and vowed never to do it again.

All the sudden I was hit with such pain in the back of my head, I grabbed my head, I am sure I made a face, I moaned, tears were starting he said “ Oh that’s perfect “ I did not say what I thought what I did say was  “ It’s the mountain “ I grabbed my car keys off the table and ran for my car unlocked and started the car and turned on the radio which at that time was KXL, in Portland, as I listened the announcer interrupted the music at that moment and said “ Well folks, we just have rec’d reports that the volcano in Washington,‘we can call it that now, it’s a active volcano in our back yard”  USGS reports that there was a small ash eruption that has coated the snow covered mountain with a thin coat of gray ash.  So I was right it was the mountain.  A short time later we ended the interview, Ivan was going to head to Washington State and see what he a find out about the volcano.

As a side note * after the eruption of the volcano on May 18th Ivan, the consummate reporter, ignored signs and went into some areas that we posted no trespassing,  and he had to be rescued as well. * that came from someone who was with the CVO. They were not pleased about having to get him and bring him out.

So since that time, I have not missed one eruption on St Helen’s, including dome building events up with up to 10 days lead time, well as the volcanoes in Indonesia, Mexico, Canary Islands, Alaska the Philippines.and others.   I began to pick up events all over the world both volcanic as well as earthquake related and since 1998 I have also been picking up solar flares at least 12-24hrs before they happened.

I am so lucky I have so many good friends I have made with contacts sharing symptoms and thoughts about the quakes and volcanoes and solar activity, So I wanted to go to St Helen’s for the anniversary but remember the chilling words of Dr Frank Yatsu Chief of |Neurology at the University of Texas at Huston formerly at OHSC in Portland. “ Charlotte Stay Away From Strong Magnetic Fields and Active Volcanoes, You Will Be Left A Permanent Basket Case Or It Will Kill You”  I put that to the test in March 1981 and it could have killed me.. as it was I spent at least 6 hours in the ER in Bellevue Washington.

I have learned much.  I always knew I was not alone but its wonderful to find contacts in numerous cities and countries around the world also share my symptoms… the interesting thing is we all have almost the same symptom at the same time in the same place in our body no matter where we live. Unless you are in AU or other countries in Oceania since they are on the other side of the international date line, the symptoms are the same but on the opposite side of the body it took some years to figure that out but when it actually made sense I thought wow.. now I know why.

So that helps with narrowing down where the quake will hit.  So Thank you to all of my international contacts as well.  I have connections in Japan, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and France. Its an honor to be able to share this information. 

I have been so lucky. I had great connections via the media, television, newspapers, programs and lectures and people listened.  There was Chris Dodge who was there at the beginning with Project Migraine and opened so many doors for me over the almost 20 years of predictions and phone calls and letters, and now there is another person who I am hoping to work with he is also a Geophysicist and resides on the East Coast and hopefully we will be able to teach what I am doing to others and they in turn can teach it to more and more. 

What better legacy can I hope to leave. I just do not want anyone to go through what I did in the 70’s when everyone thought I was “ nuts “ It got to the point even I wondered if I had a mental problem.  No one could figure out why I hurt, and why I could hear fog horns all the time.

Leonard Nimoy “ Spock “  who I was lucky enough to be interviewed for his show “ In Search Of “ said something that makes me smile, not because I think its funny but because even he took what I do seriously.. he said “Will we be forced to rely on Charlotte King to tell us when Mt Shasta or other Cascade volcanoes will erupt“  I don’t want to baby sit Mt Shasta or any other volcano but I have no doubt that if all the sudden one of our sleeping giants began to awaken, I would know, most likely before the monitoring equipment did. *YouTube In Search of Dangerous Volcanoes Part 2 of 2*

I watch the numbers of quakes happening in the 6.0 range and back when this began we would see a 6.0 about 1-2 times a month Now they are almost daily for sure weekly, we seldom if ever had events in the 7.0 range and that too has changed and we even get more than one 8.0 plus a year.  The volcanoes well to put this in perspective there are currently 42 active volcanoes in the world and even more we don’t know about I am aware of at least erupting at this time. Several which are active are Mt Etna, Popo in Mexico, Kilauea in Hawaii, Navado del Ruiz in Columbia and Kamchatka in Russia as well as in Japan and Krakatoa in Indonesia.
Solar wise the sun is heading into solar maximum so there will be more and more flares, CMEs and solar storms hitting us.

What you need to understand is that you are not alone. If you are healthy and you have a doctor tell you your fine then you may be a biological sensitive. 
You have the ability to pick up what the Earth is doing most times before the electronics do.
Headaches, low back pains, heart pains, earaches, knee/ankle, hip pains, stomach pains, rib pains… mid back pains, L shoulder blade pains, R shoulder blade pains L side back of head pains. R side back of head pains. L eye pains blurred vision, dizziness, vertigo, sudden onset of stomach or intestinal flu symptoms that come and go within 12-24 hours without a fever. Symptoms of gall bladder colic.. If you are healthy these are all symptoms of earthquake precursors.  

The key is there is never a fever with these symptoms. So if you are experiencing these symptoms and have a fever, you are ill.
It will hit the weakest link of the body so if you have an old injury, expect it to hurt.

Then watch your animals. Cats often get sick before quakes over 6.5 and they always get sick before quakes in Oregon and Simi Valley as well as Big Bear CA and Japan if the quake is over 6.0 .. Dogs will often sit in a corner and shake or take you by the arm and try to pull you outside.
Birds will not roost before large quakes.  Pigeons will often not be able  to fly before larger quakes, and volcanic eruptions.
Ants will invade getting on everything and when they disappear the quake where ever its going to be hits within 12-24 hrs.
Earthworms showed up before the local quake here near Salem in 93 area as well as the major quake in Japan in 2011.

Again thank you, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and symptoms and meanings with you. I have lots to do yet but its important to make sure others are aware and appreciated for their input.  I especially want to thank my friends who are no longer here Helen, Adele, Chris Dodge, Dr Yatsu, Dr Gray Dr Kriethen, Harvey, and lastly Susan. There are my contacts at KATU ABC Channel 2 Portland especially Steve Dunn, and my good friends in CA, WA, AZ, CO, AL, TX ,VA and OR.

Dr Campbell D.O. & staff.. amd especially to my husband for his support for 38 years.

Lets hope our sleeping giant in Washington State continues to sleep for another 43 years.

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